Mediterranean Mamma

We all know (and looove) the coastal grandmother trend that has taken TikTok and the world beyond by storm, but let's talk Mediterranean Mamma. She's effortless, looks best with a bit of salt in her hair and a summery glow to her skin, and she loves to have all of her favorite people gathered 'round. Whether she's cooking up a gourmet meal for her family or just having friends over for drinks, she loves having her people close and the good vibes closer.
Mediterranean Mamma
Blue face mask that reads "AQUA HYDRATING LAPCOS"
Lit Blond Tabac candle next to bunch of chamomile flowers.
Tan net bag with sunscreen and sunglasses spilling out of it.
Box of Makabi + Sons shortbread cookies with purple grey tea kettle graphic on the front.
Blue box with green detail sits next to white shower steamer block with black flecks throughout.
Small glass tincture bottle with blue oil inside.
Hand soap bottle next to hand balm on marble tray.
A cylindrical tea tin with silver metal cap and green, blue, and white chevron design all over. White label on tin has black text that reads, "Pacific Coast Mint Art of Tea". Photographed on white background
Rattan coasters on white background.
White olive oil tin on tan background.
A white pearlescent ceramic shell tray with a pearl lamp inside against a white background
Coffee Caramels Pillow Box on white background.
A rattan-wrapped glass vase holding white and yellow daisies next to a utensil jar, a salt cellar, and an olive oil bottle on a white table against a white background
A gray oil cruet to the left of a white oil cruet sitting on a white marble tray behind a white marble salt cellar.
A blue and white plaid dish towel paired with a white and blue striped dish towel against a white background
A girl with dark brown hair sitting in a shower using a mineral blue scalp massager on her scalp.
White Stone Essential Oil Diffuser sits on top of book next to Sleep oil and vase of flowers
A rattan napkin ring holding a navy blue napkin on a white and blue dinner plate on a picnic setting table.
A white colored waffle knit dish towel folded on a white background
Green stripe candle with rattan coaster lid
Riviera Linen Napkins | Set of 4, with rattan napkin rings
Jar of olives on table scape.