Mediterranean Mamma

We all know (and looove) the coastal grandmother trend that has taken TikTok and the world beyond by storm, but let's talk Mediterranean Mamma. She's effortless, looks best with a bit of salt in her hair and a summery glow to her skin, and she loves to have all of her favorite people gathered 'round. Whether she's cooking up a gourmet meal for her family or just having friends over for drinks, she loves having her people close and the good vibes closer.
Mediterranean Mamma
Voluspa Casa Pacific Baby Blue Candle next to book corner with two crystals.
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Coffee Caramels Pillow Box on white background.
A girl with dark brown hair sitting in a shower using a mineral blue scalp massager on her scalp.
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clear soap bottle with white pump. has green text on the front
Wood + Marble Salt Cellar - BOXFOX
A girl with brown hair in a low bun wearing a brown sweater and brown long wool coat standing in front of a white and brick background wearing brown tortoise rectangle sunglasses.
White Salt Mill - BOXFOX
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