Minimum Box: Regular

Items in this collection need a "Regular" sized box or larger.
BOXFOX Creme Gift Box filled with Azeria Pink Silk Sleep Mask, Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts, Voluspa Prosecco Rose Candle, Lapcos Pearl Sheet Mask and Markham & Fitz Chocolate Bar
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Hand holding empty pink glass mug.
A woman's hand holding a BOXFOX light grey ceramic mug filled with tea and a gold acorn tea infuser. Also on the white marble countertop are a BOXFOX black spiral notebook and a Voluspa 3-wick candle.
A light brown colored vegan leather notebook with gold foil text reading "NOTES" across the front photographed against a white background.
A hexagon natural wood rattan cane tray holding a sugar cookie candle, white matches, and a gold candle snuffer.
sage colored ceramic mug with white interior
House-shaped tea box in green with a tea sachet outside and to the right of the box.
Clear bag with black label filled with popcorn
marbled background with bath salts in a small pile to the right is the herbivore detox bath salts in glass cylinder container
White chocolate bar with sprinkles next to packaging featuring ornate cake with woman stuck in it.
Blossom Ceramic Mug held by girl in cozy scene.
coconut vanilla body butter in brown container. the lid is off showing the whipped texture of the body butter
Clear bottle with pump top, containing light pink body oil.
House-shaped cardboard box tea packaging, held by a hand with a ring and tattoo on the wrist.
Nordic dry brush pictured with natural loofash and sisal washcloth
An olive green colored vegan leather notebook with gold foil text reading "NOTES" across the front photographed against a white background.
Clear water bottle filled with  slices of lemon  and water
Ceramic to-go cup on white background.
Box of Makabi + Sons shortbread cookies with purple grey tea kettle graphic on the front.
A woman wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a denim jean jacket holding a blue ceramic mug between both her hands.
Compartes Old Hollywood Chocolate Bar with Black and gold art deco packaging
Large pink glass candle jar with gold and pink tin leaning against it.
White packaging with brown and copper detail (front).
Shower steamer packaging with stripes across the from in Blue, purple, red, pink, and yellow. Gold text that reads "Happy Birthday to You Shower Steamers- 4ct" Box is slightly opened to show shower steamers inside that are wrapped in white paper
White packaging with skull next to cactus printed on the cover. Text says Makabi & Sons Oaxaca chocolate cinnamon cayenne cookies
Yellow tea box packaging held by two hands on a white background.
Charcoal Single Sphere Ice Mold on white background
Girl wearing a cream colored sweater with a clear crossbody purse draped down her side. The purse has white lining around the edge and a white purse strap. Inside the bag is an iPhone, two small green and white checkered hair clips, a small tube of green packaged hand cream, and a set of AirPod pros.
A black colored vegan leather notebook with gold foil text reading "NOTES" across the front photographed against a white background.
A black rattan cane tray holding a grey ceramic mug on the armrest of an oatmeal colored couch.
A square box with yellow to deep orange gradient and picture of pour over tablescape in top right with a small pumpkin, clear coffee mug with pour over filter on top, and a clear coffee mug with a latte. Text on box reads, "Copper Cow Coffee Single Serve Lattes Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee Pumpkin Spice Sustainably Sourced 5 Pour Over Coffees 5 Latte Creamers Net Wt 7.4 OZ (210g). Photographed on white background.
Rectangular, sealed, mauve package with white lettering that reads "BODY POLISH" on side and "VANILLA BROWN SUGAR MOISTURIZING EXFOLIANT" on bottom right. Photographed on grey background.
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