Rest + Relaxation

For moms who love to unwind and relax, or for the moms who need to unwind and relax, there's nothing better than the gift of some pampering, relaxation and rest. Gift an at-home spa day with everything from candles and shower steamers to aromatherapy eye pillows and body scrubs. Whether she's taking a luxurious bath or resting her eyes for some serious R&R, BOXFOX has everything you need to bring gift relaxation vibes while keeping things beautiful, too. Show mom how much you appreciate all of the hard work she does with something that will leave her feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on a new day.

Rest + Relaxation
Pink sheet mask packaging that reads "PEARL BRIGHTENING LAPCOS"
A girl with tan legs wearing mid-calf stone grey fuzzy socks with her legs up in the air criss-crossing against a white background
girl on tippy toes wearing green socks
Pink Luxe Socks - BOXFOX
Pink sparking rose tin candle lit next to dusty pink roses.
Voluspa Casa Pacific Baby Blue Candle next to book corner with two crystals.
marbled background with bath salts in a small pile to the right is the herbivore detox bath salts in glass cylinder container
Blue house-shaped box of tea with tea sachet outside to the right.
Cream colored tin candle with lid leaning to the side.
A woman with dark brown hair wearing a white plush spa headband and an oatmeal colored robe while she looks in the mirror.
Oakmoss Shower Bomb - BOXFOX
Grey and white box with black eye gels next to it.
White bath bomb on the left and green cube box to the right.
Small glass tincture bottle with blue oil inside.
Young black woman holding up ESW Matcha Almond Milk Radiance Plant-Based Milk Sheet Mask in front of face
Two ivory thick silk scrunchies on white background.
set of shower lavender and lime purple shower steamers. Box  has pink and purple shapes on it
A girl crossing her legs in the air wearing white fuzzy slippers against a white background
Quick add
Sheet mask in packaging shaped like a milk carton.
Cacao Powder Hazelnut Milk Smoothing Plant-Based Milk Mask packaging on white background.
Rectangular, sealed, light blue plastic bag with white text that reads "BODY POLISH" on the side and "OCEAN MIST MOISTURIZING EXFOLIANT" in bottom right. Photographed on grey background.
A light green resealable plastic bag with white text that reads, "Fresh Lemongrass Body Polish Moisturizing Exfoliant" photographed on white background
Blue rectangular box with gold foil detail.
pink lip balm tube with pink gloss swatch behind it
Branche Vermeil 3 Wick Tin Candle - BOXFOX
white fuzzy slippers on feet
green cube box with white text. next to it is a clear glass jar candle
pastel yellow hand cream with white text
cube box with florals printed on it.
silk rose scrunchie in blonde hair
pink egg shaped hand cream bottle
light blue cube box next to clear glass candle
white votive candle. box has grey birds illustrated on it
hand with pink painted nails holding nail polish bottle
Wool Dryer Balls - Pack of 6
white lip gloss tube with black text on it. in the background is swatch of clear gloss
white cube box with blue sail boats printed on it. box has black text. next to the box is a clear glass candle
blue vertically striped box with gold text. reed diffuser in front of it
gray vertically striped box with gold text. next to it is reed diffuser
red and green stripped box for reed diffuser in glass bottle
blue and green stripped box with gold text. next to it is reed diffuser in clear container
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