A double-walled amber orange rippled glass standing upright shot against a white background.
Blonde Haired female with black and white checkered hair clip pulling hair half up.
Black Checkered Plush Slippers | Size 9-10 - BOXFOX
Black Checkered Slippers | Size 7-8 - BOXFOX
Blue + Green Mini Flower Hair Clips | Set of 4 in packaging on white background.
Blue Smiley Plush Slippers | Size 7-8 - BOXFOX
A girl wearing white slippers with blue smiley faces on them. Herr legs are up against a white background
A double-walled light pink rippled glass standing upright shot against a white background.
brown squiggle hair clip in blonde hair
A girl with short brown hair wearing a cream sweater and a brown sherpa teddy bucket hat. She is standing facing a white brick wall and the photo is taken from the waist up.
Bubblegum Pink Claw Clip
Girl wearing Cancer | Gold Plated Engraved Zodiac Ring on index finger
Two women's hands against a white background. Each hand has 6 total rings. The rings are gold plated engraved zodiac sign rings.
A woman's hand wearing a gold plated ring with a taurus zodiac symbol engraved into the ring.
A set of two wavy pink acrylic hair barrettes against a white background.
A pair of legs up in the air against a white brick background. The image only shows the legs from the shins down, and the girl has light skin and is wearing crew length white socks with brown colored smiley faces on either side of the ankle.
A woman with brunette hair pulled into an updo, secured with a clear acrylic half moon claw clip. She is standing in front of a white brick wall.
Icy Blue Claw Clip
Jade green ripple glass with water on table
A lavender faux fur pom on a set of house keys. Photographed on a white background.
Lilac Claw Clip
Girl with dark brown hair wearing two green and white mini square claw clips against a white background
Girl with dark brown hair wearing a purple and white mini square claw clip against a white background
2 thick purple ceramic mugs
A woman's hand touching the slipper on her foot which is white with red hearts on it. her feet are resting on a plush pink carpet.
a woman's legs in the air wearing a pair of white slippers that have red hearts on them. her legs are against a red background.
A teal ripple glass on a white background.
Girl with dark hair working The Yellow Fizz | Fuzzy Claw Clip
A girl with blonde hair in an updo wearing an XL matte baby pink claw clip against a white background.
brunette hair in jade green hair clip
navy blue hair clip in blonde hair