Side view of the Voluspa Blackberry Rose Oud macaron candle - glass vessel adorned with geometric pattern.
Lit Blond Tabac candle next to bunch of chamomile flowers.
Lit Bourbon Vanille tin candle on white background with chamomile flowers surrounding.
Voluspa Casa Pacific Baby Blue Candle next to book corner with two crystals.
Hexagonal tan colored tin candle with three wicks.
Cream colored tin candle with lid leaning to the side.
Black box with gold detail next to black glass jar.
Black glass jar candle with gold detail. Lid rests on top.
Crushed Candy cane candle package and candle outside of packaging to the right of the box. Both the box and candle glass are white and red stripped diagonally. Label for candle are in the middle of both.
Lit candle in white glass vessel surrounded by eucalyptus.
Amber colored petite glass jar candle - forbidden fig scent. Candle burning on white background.
Candle in light green jar with teal and gold floral lid.
White glass candle jar with black floral tin lid leaning against it.
Red embossed glass candle. Embossed is a large floral print. Has white label with a black and gold border. Black text inside with scent name
large glass candle with sunflowers imprinted on the glass. Mokara Voluspa label
White Glass Jar Candle
Clear white glass candle jar with silver metallic lid leaning against it.
Green glass candle with lid to the side
Large pink glass candle jar with gold and pink tin leaning against it.
Light pink glass candle jar with pink and gold tin lid leaning against it.
Pinky cream colored glass jar with floral detail etched in, and matching lid leaning against it.
silver round tin with candle inside. candle is lit and lid if leaning on the candle to the right. lid is also silver
White iridescent candle glass jar with lid
Pink sparking rose tin candle lit next to dusty pink roses.
Green glass candle vessel with a floral design embossed all around it. Candle is lit. Lid is metal with the floral print printed on it
three white cypress medium glass jar candles from voluspa