A double-walled amber orange rippled glass standing upright shot against a white background.
A woman's hand wearing a gold plated ring with an aquarius zodiac symbol engraved into the ring. She is wearing the ring on her right pointer finger
Two women's hands against a white background. Each hand has 6 total rings. The rings are gold plated engraved zodiac sign rings.
Black Checkered Plush Slippers | Size 9-10 - BOXFOX
Black Checkered Slippers | Size 7-8 - BOXFOX
Blue + Green Mini Flower Hair Clips | Set of 4 in packaging on white background.
Brown Flower Power Plush Slippers | Size 6-7 - BOXFOX
A girl with short brown hair wearing a cream sweater and a brown sherpa teddy bucket hat. She is standing facing a white brick wall and the photo is taken from the waist up.
Capricorn | Gold Plated Engraved Zodiac Ring (Size 8) - BOXFOX
One clear beer can glass with white fruit stamp graphics printed on. The fruits shown are strawberries, watermelon slices, lemons, and cherries.
A pair of legs up in the air against a white brick background. The image only shows the legs from the shins down, and the girl has light skin and is wearing crew length white socks with brown colored smiley faces on either side of the ankle.
A woman with brunette hair pulled into an updo, secured with a clear acrylic half moon claw clip. She is standing in front of a white brick wall.
A lavender faux fur pom on a set of house keys. Photographed on a white background.
Mushroom Plush Slippers | Size 9-10 - BOXFOX
A girl wearing white slippers with orchid smiley faces on them. Her legs are up against a white brick background.
A pair of orchid smiley face slippers on a white background.
thick pink ceramic mug
bubbly mug colored white and iridescent
Pink Squiggle Hair Clip on white background
A brown sherpa teddy medium-sized cosmetic bag with gold-trimmed white letters spelling out the word "STUFF" across the length of the bag. Laying on the white background is a bottle of peach colored Ouai hair oil, a Salt + Stone chapstick, a winter white sherpa hair scrunchie, a spray can of Ouai texturizing hair spray, and a caramel colored claw clip.
A teal ripple glass on a white background.
A girl with blonde hair in an updo wearing a fuzzy hot pink claw clip against a white background.
Girl with dark hair working The Yellow Fizz | Fuzzy Claw Clip
a woman's legs in the air wearing a pair of white crew socks that have tiny red hearts on them. her legs are against a red background.
A girl with blonde hair in an updo wearing an XL matte baby pink claw clip against a white background.