Voluspa was hand-crafted with love by artisans and entrepreneurs Traci and Troy Arntsen in their California kitchen nearly 20 years ago. Traci’s cultivated passion for botany and essential oils combined with her fragrance expertise, allows Voluspa to blend proprietary scents using the finest ingredients sustainably sourced from the farthest reaches of the world. Troy’s passion for travel, business savvy – and for never overlooking the right opportunity – have positioned Voluspa as one of the premier purveyors of luxury scented candles and body products in the world today. 

Irvine, CA

White glass jar with colorful metallic lid. Wildflowers Voluspa Candle.
Green glass candle vessel with a floral design embossed all around it. Candle is lit. Lid is metal with the floral print printed on it
Pink sparking rose tin candle lit next to dusty pink roses.
Rose Colored Glasses Macaron Candle - BOXFOX
Light pink glass candle jar with pink and gold tin lid leaning against it.
Large pink glass candle jar with gold and pink tin leaning against it.
Moso Bamboo glass jar candle with tin lid off to the side, resting on green gingham paper with baby's breath to the side.
Small white candle with green and gold patterned lid tilted against the candle.
Clear white glass candle jar with silver metallic lid leaning against it.
Top view of the clear-white geometric Milk Rose Macaron Candle on a white background.
Laguna scented candle with teal lid and accents on the label. lid is off leaning against the lit candle
Candle in light green jar with teal and gold floral lid.
French Cade Lavender Medium Glass Jar Candle - BOXFOX
Candle in large light green glass jar with teal and gold lid tilted beside it.
Forbidden Fig Classic Candle - BOXFOX
Lit candle in white glass vessel surrounded by eucalyptus.
Black glass jar candle with gold detail. Lid rests on top.
Cream colored tin candle with lid leaning to the side.
shiny red tin small round candle lit. lid is off to the side
Red box with red bubbly candle next to it. Candle has white text
Voluspa Casa Pacific Baby Blue Candle next to book corner with two crystals.
Baltic Amber Petite Tin Candle - BOXFOX
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Apple Blue clover candle in purple glass embossed from top to bottom in the iconic Japonica wood block pattern.