2023 Grad: Med School

White mug with handful of pale blue pens filling it.
Circular iridescent packing of Diamond eye gels.
Lit Bourbon Vanille tin candle on white background with chamomile flowers surrounding.
Two teal blue pens.
Box of Makabi + Sons shortbread cookies with purple grey tea kettle graphic on the front.
A woman wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a denim jean jacket holding a blue ceramic mug between both her hands.
Blue box with green detail sits next to white shower steamer block with black flecks throughout.
A girl with tan legs wearing mid-calf navy blue fuzzy socks with her legs up in the air criss-crossing against a white background
Le Pens // Blue // BUILD A BOXFOX
Moso Bamboo glass jar candle with tin lid off to the side, resting on green gingham paper with baby's breath to the side.
Energy & Focus Gum on blue background surrounded by gum tablets and mint leaves.
Hand hold blue glass tea cup with beauty tea sachet next to beauty tea packaging.
Blue Stasher bag filled with essentials and surrounded by girly things.
A cylindrical tea tin with silver metal cap and green, blue, and white chevron design all over. White label on tin has black text that reads, "Pacific Coast Mint Art of Tea". Photographed on white background
Dark green notebook with light blue grid lines.
Four blue bullet pens on white background.
Cacao Powder Hazelnut Milk Smoothing Plant-Based Milk Mask packaging on white background.
Small blue bag filled with hair essentials spilling out from tote bag.
A blue and white plaid dish towel paired with a white and blue striped dish towel against a white background
A girl with dark brown hair sitting in a shower using a mineral blue scalp massager on her scalp.
A teal ripple glass on a white background.