All products featured in "Build a BOXFOX"
Pink sheet mask packaging that reads "PEARL BRIGHTENING LAPCOS"
Two black pens on a white background.
Purple package for sheet mask that reads "COLLAGEN FIRMING LAPCOS"
White chocolate bar with sprinkles next to packaging featuring ornate cake with woman stuck in it.
Donuts & Coffee Chocolate Bar - BOXFOX
Light pink glass candle jar with pink and gold tin lid leaning against it.
Pink sparking rose tin candle lit next to dusty pink roses.
White ceramic mug with handful of periwinkle pens inside.
Voluspa Casa Pacific Baby Blue Candle next to book corner with two crystals.
House-shaped tea box in green with a tea sachet outside and to the right of the box.
Four gold bullet pens on white background.
Two pink pens on white background.
Goji Tarocco Orange Large Glass Candle - BOXFOX
Tan net bag with sunscreen and sunglasses spilling out of it.
Compartes Old Hollywood Chocolate Bar with Black and gold art deco packaging
large glass candle with sunflowers imprinted on the glass. Mokara Voluspa label
Single towelette packaging with eucalyptus branch on front.
Clear glass tincture bottle with white dropper top and orange oil inside.
Martini Olive Almonds - BOXFOX
White mug with handful of pale blue pens filling it.
Charcoal Single Sphere Ice Mold on white background
Copper Corkscrew on tray next to glass and corks
White and grey striped tech wipe packet.
Two Red Pens - BOXFOX
Pink Infant Cozy Sock Set on white background
Charcoal Ceramic Porter Mug - BOXFOX
gold metal cocktail strainer
Pink Topknot Cotton Hat - BOXFOX
Red & Pink Classic Journal - BOXFOX
Lilac Collapsible Pocket Cup 12 oz - BOXFOX
Five black bullet pens on white background.
Merlot Wine Gummies - BOXFOX
Grey collapsible cup on white backgorund.
Carnation Collapsible Pocket Cup 12 oz - BOXFOX
Open silver and green tin of matcha with matcha powder spilling out.
Two Navy Pens - BOXFOX
Copper cake server slicing into an icing drizzled two layer cake with small flowers on it as it sits on a wooden cake stand.
Coffee Gum - BOXFOX
Goodio Mint Chocolate - BOXFOX
Formation Tech Wipes - BOXFOX
Pink Match Box with drawer of matches pulled out. Gold foil "XOXO" on top of box.
Glass vile with light yellow oil and tincture dropped cap.
A gold wick trimmer laying next to a white Fiat Lux Copenhagen candle on a white marble table.
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