All products featured in "Build a BOXFOX"
navy blue hair clip in blonde hair
yellow square chocolate package with black rings and circle patterns on a white background
wick rectangular insulated lunch box with zipper
collapsible greenish water bottle with screw on lid
Red box with red bubbly candle next to it. Candle has white text
brown squiggle hair clip in blonde hair
shiny red tin small round candle lit. lid is off to the side
silk rose scrunchie in blonde hair
brown soap bottle with black dispenser. Has yellow text on the front
clear soap bottle with white pump. has green text on the front
blue soap bottle with white pump. has white text on the front
sage green aluminum olive oil bottle with white text on the front
swedish dish cloth with purple grapes on green vines printed on it
slate blue and navy blue colored pacifiers
Pink & Blue Celebration Bottle filled with Peach Bellini Heart Shaped Gummies
chocolate bar box packaging with black and white checkered swirled. has illustrations of various food items on the from such as pretzel, marshmallow and potato chips
Gold bow ring on hand holding champagne coupe
navy packaging with silver print on it for eye gels
light orange sauce in clear glass bottle with black lid. label is creme and white checkered
white bottle with white pump and clear lid. center of bottle has vanilla illustrate and blue text with shampoo name and fragrance
beige and gray stripped mini sea salt tin
white candle with black illustration on it. on the right hand side is black sticker label
black glass candle with pink label in the center. label has black text on it
glossy black glass candle with pink label on it. pink label has black text
glossy black candle vessel with pink label on the center
tan bamboo sushi mat on speckled plate
matte gradient glass tumbler with metallic "rose gold" label
white cotton one piece with blue berries printed on it
one piece with yellow printed lemons all over it
one piece with giraffes printed on it
long sleeve one piece with bunnies printed all over it
light blue sheet mask packaging with blueberries printed on it
pink sheet mask packaging with cherries on it
blue and white striped dog bandana
pastel orange soap bottle with white text
clear soap container with gray text printed on it
glass bottle with pink cleanser inside