All products featured in "Build a BOXFOX"
Decaf Geometry Coffee packaging on white background
Field Guide to Cheese - BOXFOX
Espresso martini glass with hand pouring mix into it
Jar of red pasta sauce on white background
Herb De Provence Pizza Seasoning in a jar
The Salt bag by Pineapple Collaborative
Verve Pizza Cutter on tiled background
Minty White tea sachet
Black Leather Manicure Set unboxed
Black Fanny Pack - BOXFOX
Pink Berry Lip Balm 10ml - Dermo Suavina
Sapphire Waters Lustre Candle on white
Pink notebook with star doodles that says Stay Curious on it
Metallic hot pink tumbler with silver text at the bottom going vertically. Lid is clear
girl on tippy toes wearing green socks
The Surfer's Journal 32.5 - BOXFOX
Birthday cake bar with sprinkles in box
Pizza Dough Mix - BOXFOX
Red and white grid towel
SLICE! : 30 Fabulous Pizza Recipes - BOXFOX
Beatrix Bakes - BOXFOX
Digital Connections - BOXFOX
white memo pad with the word "memo" printed in gold foil at the top. Around the borders of the page are blue peacocks and blue flowers with greenery
light pink pasta night book with red bold text at the top. has illustration of white plate with yellow noodles and red sauce in the center. Black text towards the bottom
Neutral colored pacifiers. Base of the pacifier is shaped like a daisy with a light green handle.
green pacifier next to blue pacifier. pacifier has rope like texture embossed along the edges and on the handle
Red vertically striped baby footsie pajama. Pajama is white with a zipper running through the middle
Felt baby bottle ornament
Black Checkered Plush Slippers | Size 9-10 - BOXFOX
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brunette hair in jade green hair clip
Dusty blue coin purse
Mini Dinosaur Kingdom Stickers - BOXFOX
light blue grid tea towel
Jade green ripple glass with water on table
navy blue hair clip in blonde hair
yellow square chocolate package with black rings and circle patterns on a white background
pastel pink wrapped chocolate bar with gold foil accents near the top. has gold speckled spots all over
wick rectangular insulated lunch box with zipper
collapsible greenish water bottle with screw on lid
sage green tea jasmine tea sachet with white rectangle on front of package and black text on a white background
Red box with red bubbly candle next to it. Candle has white text