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Sapphire Waters Lustre Candle on white
Dark blue stojo, one collapsed and one noncollapsed on a white background
navy blue hair clip in blonde hair
Two Periwinkle Round Mugs
navy striped bag with blue embroidered Ashley on it
Front cover of Sweet Enough featuring photo of woman in striped shirt eating ice cream with red topping.
Red and white grid towel
shiny red tin small round candle lit. lid is off to the side
Watermelon Overnight Lip Mask - BOXFOX
A woman's hand touching the slipper on her foot which is white with red hearts on it. her feet are resting on a plush pink carpet.
Quick add
red hotter sauce bottle
Two Red Pens - BOXFOX
Girl wearing white shirt with pearl and chain necklace
Brunette with Pearl claw clip pulling back hair
Opalescent Milky Way Serum Bottle
coconut vanilla body scrub surrounded by coconuts
A gold Mielle wine opener laying on a wooden table next to a clear glass of water.
Blue Stripe Gold spiral bound notebook on white
blue and white striped dog bandana
Large white memo pad with "memo" in gold foil at the top. Blue hydrangeas decorating the borders of the notepad.
blue clear water bottle
Blue face mask that reads "AQUA HYDRATING LAPCOS"
donut shaped blue bath bombs
Matte Blue Ceramic Mugs
Icy Blue Claw Clip
mint lip balm surrounded by scoops of mint chip ice cream
Girl with brunette hair wearing Blue Satin Padded Headband
Rectangular, sealed, light blue plastic bag with white text that reads "BODY POLISH" on the side and "OCEAN MIST MOISTURIZING EXFOLIANT" in bottom right. Photographed on grey background.
Small notebook with periwinkle background and pink and white hydrangea flowers. The second notebook is green with blue wavy lines and small dots.
Stack of four Sugarfina Celebratory Champagne Bubbles cubes to the right and a champagne flute filled with the champagne bubbles to the left.
Four blue bullet pens on white background.
Voluspa Casa Pacific Baby Blue Candle next to book corner with two crystals.
light blue grid tea towel
blue bandana with white dots
Folded blue towel with embroidered fruits and florals
Blue and white vertically stripped notebook
Steel Collapsible Bottle 20 oz - BOXFOX
Blue Gingham Ruffle Pouch next to eye masks, face oil, hair clip and tube key.